SRH9300 uplink adopts 1310nm wavelength which can fully substitute the traditional HFC networks, saving lots of RF amplifiers, thus, it can improve the quality and stability of network operation.


  • Uplink channels adopt burst mode.
  • Take use of RF and DOCSIS techniqueconfiguration optical distribution network.
  • Using single-fiber with bi-direction mode that could reduce the fiber consumption.
  • No need of HFC optical node, reduce the cost of network maintenance and operation.
  • Support the universal HFC STB, CM and Head-end equipment.
  • Transparent return path channel (no limitation on protocol and modulation mode).
  • Optical AGC function (reach the proper RF level) reduce the funneling noise
  • Local feeding or remote feeding can be done through 75Ω coaxial cable
  • Aluminum die-casting housing, favorable for heat dispersion
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